Coccidoxenoides perminutus is a tiny parasitic wasp used to control mealybug.


COCCI-TEC mainly targets the smaller life stages of citrus mealybug (Planococcus citri) and vine mealybug (Pseudococcus ficus).


This tiny wasp is an endoparasitoid of mealybug that can function in multiple crops where its host occurs. C. perminutus are black in color and only about 1mm in length.


COCCI-TEC can adapt to several different crops such as citrus, vines, pome fruits and berries.

Life cycle and Biology

Coccidoxenoides perminutus females can reproduce parthenogenically, meaning they can lay viable eggs without mating. The wasp lays her eggs inside the body of a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd instar mealybug. After hatching the wasp larva feeds on the mealybug while growing for two to five weeks depending on the temperatures. The larva then pupates and at this stage, the mealybug has been completely devoured and has formed a hard layer over the wasp pupa, this is called a “mummy”. The adult wasp eventually emerges from the “mummy” ready to parasitize more mealybugs. The entire life cycle from egg to adult takes around 12 days to complete and the adult wasp has a life span of 7-10 days.

The duration of all life stages is dependent on the ambient temperature. The upper and lower temperature tolerance of C. perminutus is roughly 10°C and 32°C respectively.

COCCI-TEC as a product

  • COCCI-TEC consists of Coxidoxenoides perminutus mummies mixed with an inert carrier.
  • Available format – 1000/1500/3000 mummies per package.
  • COCCI-TEC is packed in Insectec’s biodegradable packaging made of cardboard and biodegradable white lids, reducing waste in the agricultural system.


  • COCCI-TEC will reach you in a sealed Styrofoam box with the appropriate cooling inside. The box should be kept sealed until you are ready to apply the product.
  • If COCCI-TEC is not applied immediately the box should be kept in a cool room. Do not keep COCCI-TEC for longer than 24 hours before application.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not store close to chemical pesticides.


COCCI-TEC has a simple and fast in-field application method:

Step 1: Find the right spot – inside the tree or crop in as little sun as possible.

Step 2: Use the elastic band to attach the container to a sturdy perch.

Step 3: Remove the sticker from the emergence hole to allow the wasps to fly out.

Step 4: Make sure the emergence hole is facing slightly upward to prevent the content from blocking the hole.

Release rates and frequency


Release rate/ha



9 000


Light curative

15 000


Medium curative

30 000


Heavy curative

45 000


**This is a guideline only. Release rates and frequencies might differ depending on mealybug species, type of crop, geographical area, and time of year.

Benefits of using COCCI-TEC

  • COCCI-TEC is safe for non-target organisms.
  • COCCI-TEC has the ability to reach mealybug in hard-to-reach places.
  • It is safe for humans and the environment, making it a sustainable crop protection method.
  • COCCI-TEC complements ANA-TEC as both target different mealybug life stages, ensure that all life stages are controlled.
  • Can be used in open field systems and in greenhouses or netted structures
  • Because of the well-developed search capability of the parasitoid, it is possible to effectively use this product at low infestation levels, giving you the opportunity to act early.


  • COCCI-TEC can be used in with many chemical pesticides, but it is always best to consult with your Insectec field advisor before using these products with COCCI-TEC.
  • Control ants before introducing COCCI-TEC to the crop.

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